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How does it work?

Advertising Your Products

Advertising your products can help them get see by customers. Our homepage on Shop Zero Emissions is our most viewed page. The average time spent on our homepage by customers is 28 seconds. That is enough time for the customer to get a good look at the products shown and click on the one they are interested in.

By a default we recommend running Google Adwords on your products on our website. Just a small budget per day, around $5-$10 can help your product get reach.

Build Your Brand Right

Make sure your product is worth buying. Does it help the customer? Is it a must-have for them? Does it make their Tesla look better?

Customers are on Shop Zero Emissions to buy something. Make your product a comfortable purchase. Have a lot of pictures that show your product in detail. Have an FAQs section in the product bio. Respond to customer's questions in depth and quickly. Offer fast shipping. If you have any questions please email us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Shipping is very important. We recommend you ship your orders in no later than 2 days. In our Seller's Terms we also state that you must ship your orders in 3-5 days. In your product's description say that you have fast shipping. If the customer can get it quick, they're more likely to buy.

Pack your shipments in a pleasant manner. Give the customer a brochure of your business/products, give them a discount code for the next time they purchase, and always respond quickly to customer emails.

Ads on shop zero emissions

Ads on our marketplace are quite simple. You can advertise on our homepage or any collection page. The same goes for our mobile app. The ad can be a product just on the top of the homepage or it can be a picture banner giving a discount code ect.

If you're interested in advertising please contact us. We'll help you every step of the way.

Advertisement costs vary depending on the location of the ad, if there are other advertisers bidding for the same spot, or if you'd like to put your ad in a custom spot.


- Be Competitive

Set competitive prices. Ship faster and make sure your items are in stock, not back ordered.

- Improve Your SEO

Use specific words in your product description that really describes your product and its functionality.

- Get Feedback and Reviews

When you do get sales be sure to tell them to review your product. Leave a brochure in their order when you ship it showing off your other products and to leave a review.

- Advertise on Shop Zero Emissions or Google Adwords

If you're just starting out advertising can be a great way for your product to be seen. Display your products to customers that haven't seen it before.

- Market Outside of Shop Zero Emissions

Use outside advertising platforms to bring customers to your product on Shop Zero Emissions. Post a picture of your product on Instagram and Facebook. In the description let your followers know you product is for sale and they can buy it here.

Example of search SEO


"Hitting the Homepage"

Your product can be on the Homepage of Shop Zero Emissions without paying for advertising. We pick the best sellers on our marketplace to be on the homepage. As well as advertised products and products we believe have a high success rate.

Product Placement on a Collection Grid

Products can end up at to top of a collection page by being best sellers. Advertised products can be at the top of the homepage as well but they'll usually be 3rd from the top. Reviews come into play when getting on the top of a collection. If your product has high reviews it will more likely be at the top.

Products at the Top of Search Results

The search bar on our homepage is price and reviews based. The lowest price and the highest reviews will more likely appear at the top. Also if your product has a high volume of clicks it will be at the top of the search results on any search bar on Shop Zero Emissions.