A @TeslaMotorsClub Verified product has been tested extensively by the @TeslaMotorsClub team of product testers.

@TeslaMotorsClub Verified Product's checklist:

  1. The Product works as advertised by the seller.
  2. It passed the cold and hot weather test where products are left in the sun and cold to simulate weather conditions. (products will be put in freezers to test it for cold weather conditions or snow depending on the season. Products will be placed in the sun or an infrared heat lamp to simulate hot weather.
  3. Exterior products pass a speed test of over 110MPH.

Products are tested biassed on their advertised functionality.

Example: a wind noise reduction kit is tested to see if it reduces wind noise to the amount as advertised. It would also be tested for the hot and cold weather test. Since it is an exterior product it would have to pass the speed test.

Have any questions or want your product to be tested? Contact @TeslaMotorsClub contact@teslamotorsclub.social